“The North Star” play

“The North Star” play featured children from “Mia’s Children” and “The Door” placement centers: 16 children.

We played in 2 different days, with full house. The children were very very happy, because this had been their biggest wish, for the people to come see them. They have tried their best this year to rise to top level, they have danced, sang, transmitted emotions, they have been true heroes.

The play was written by Chris Baisan and directed by Laura Dolis. We have had many helps, both with publicity and posters printing. Behind the scenes was a whole team: Flory, Feli, Razvan, Cristi, Andra, Lucia.

These children have cried before the play, were nervous, hugged, helped, learnt what teamwork is, learnt what being an actor means. The play was not easy to act, but thei leveled up to our and their expectations.

The pictures and the videos say more than 100 words.

Ladies, gentlemen aand dear children, The North Star!

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