“The Door” children visiting Mia center

Mia and the The Door are 2 special placement centers very dear to us so we decided to have an exchange of experience. So we got into our cars, took the kids from The Door and headed to Mia. When you enter Mia’s center you find a very spiritual atmosphere, the walls are fully painted by kids in all the age stages, it is a center that uses art therapy: painting, music… we introduced ourselves, we met, we connected, exchanged opinions and discovered differences, learned from each other.

This had been our purpose for this visit, to learn from each other, to see what we can change to help us and help others.

We wish to have a day dedicated for the 2 placement centers, divided by 2 and in the first half Mia’s kids teach the kids from The Door the joy of painting and expressing through art, and in the other half, the kids from The Door teach the kids from Mia the joy of dancing and setting yourself free through dance.


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