The annual camp of placement center children


Each year in December we organize a theatre play, featured by placement center kids. It is a wonderful project which helps them develop. With the funds obtained from selling the tickets, we organize a camp. It is that satisfaction that people came to see them, not other children, that they are actors and they have earned this camp through their own force.

And this year the camp was like this:

…9:30 and we meet on a street iin Bucharest full of joy and anxiety.

The double decker awaits us. In the bus already sited are a part of Mia’s Children kids. Red-cheeked and with full of curiosity eyes, they are waiting for the bus to start. On our way to Cheia we stop to pick up the rest of the kids from The Door center.

And here we are on our way to the mountains. After 2:30 hours we finally arrive.

The air in the mountains gave us a friendly powerful welcoming.

After check-in we all met in the restaurant for lunch and debate the trip’s schedule together with the 3 instructors and organizers.

The trip’s schedule was meant to share besides cheerfulness and team games, also some survival in the woods techniques.

The schedule started with forming the teams. The children were extraordinary and organized themselves within minutes. We then started the games, in which they were judged for attention, focusing, coordinating, precision, support, etc. Afterwards we played outdoor games, closing the day with a cup of tea, music and a good atmosphere.

Next day we went hiking. The instructors set a mountains hiking path of approximatively 20 km. I was impressed with all the joy and the incredible force of children – indeed daring.

Even for us adults was hard keeping up with them, and not few times we asked for breaks along the way to rest, while the children were encouraging and supporting us with incredible energy, interior beauty and determination.

I can definitely say it was an experience I will never forget,

In the evening we reached the accommodation where we dined and had a late karaoke evening.

In the next morning we learnt how to give first aid in case of a fracture, how to build a shelter, how to light a fire and where. Another task which the children totally nailed it. You could read in their eyes the curiosity, the interest and the thirst for knowledge. And in the end, the delight and the satisfaction.

Throughout all this time the instructors continued judging the teams.

The archery task followed. This was the delight of the children, both boys and girls. All of them learnt the technique of archery, which develops the capacity of focusing, enriches te mental balance and the coordination.

After reaching the accommodation, the children waited for the rewarding ceremony. They were very curious who won the first prize.

In reality, all of them were the winners of the greatest prize of them all – the prize of being a man in the true meaning of the word.






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