The 1st of June in Cismigiu Park – 2013

The 1st of June is Children’s Day in Romania, a wonderful day for each and every one of us back in the days when we were kids. I still remember it fondly, it was the day I was in the center of attention and I was allowed to be mischevious because my parents wouldn’t scold me.

Even now, at the age of 32, my parents still call me and wish me a “Happy Birthday!” on the 1st of June. It still is a beautiful day because, for them, I am still their child and they make me feel special.

Always keep a trace of your childhood in your lives, no matter how old you are!

So many orphaned children wish to be special too on the 1st of June. Come join us and help us make Children’s Day a special day for them!

Even though we could not take the children from Mia’s Children and The Door out to the park on the 1st, we were allowed to do it on the 2nd, so we’ll close our eyes, do a little magic and make it feel as if it were the 1st! This is how we are going to celebrate Children’s Day.

We will be taking the children from Mia’s Children and The Door to the Cismigiu park where we’ll be going through the following list of activities:

-face painting

-chalk drawing

-hopscotch competition, for which we have candy as a prize

-skipping rope competition

-running competition

-sack race

-fun with soap bubbles

-giving out balloons

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