Supporting top-class students

In our desire of supporting education, we developed a project dedicated to the poor children who have great results in school.

We organized a mountain camp, with the purpose of stimulating and rewarding them with the joy of seeing the mountains for the first time. It was our prize for their extraordinary school results.

We built a group made up out of 50 children from all over Romania, checked them in to an accommodation in Busteni and showed them the beauties of Romania. We had a lot of activities such as using a bow and arrow, sack races, learnt the usage of a survival kit, climbed the mountains correctly, understood how to cherish and protect the nature and how to live healthy.

We saw them extremely happy and proud because they won this trip by themselves through their own work.

We are happy we managed to show them places which maybe they wouldn’t have ever reached. They are good kids, kids that study a lot, kids that have physical problems, that have a hard life and barely have enough to eat, with sick parents, poor and maybe handicapped, and this is indeed admirable!

Support education along with us! Support the children that want to study! They are the future!

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