Support for Valea Plopului 2012

Let’s Help Association completed another action that worthy of being mentioned, at least for the satisfaction brought to those involved.

As you might know, Father Tanase from Valea Plopului went through a fire that ruined their cantine and food supply house. Let’s Help immediately answered, building a convey out of 6 cars fully loaded to what the children from Valea Plopului were missing.

6 cars left from Bucharest and 2 from Cluj. Besides the financial contribution, totaling up to 1350 Ron plus 100 Eur, the convey carried the following:

  • 2 freezers of 285 liters (new)
  • 2 cookers (new)
  • Food
  • Fruits
  • Thick winter clothes
  • A computer
  • A multifunctional printer
  • A baby stroller (new)
  • Toys

Valea Plopului, along with Valea Screzii, is a place destinated for children and families with special social problems. At this point, the social center counts around 400 souls, that household with the help of Father Tanase. It is a very controversial place, especially socially, because Father Tanase through his proven altruism, gathered not only abandoned children but also women who have been expelled or beaten by their husbands. For a long time back the authorities have tried to stop the exodus to this social “Mecca”, but Father Tanase, having the help of the villagers and the media resisted heroically. Here you will find volunteers from all over the world.

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