Support for the children in Peris

The situation of the children in Peris is very sad. They need food! We, the people from the Association Together we will make it were very schocked when hearing about their horrifying situation. We have decided to cry for help!

Our friends from Kaufland are the ones who stood beside us and the primary needs of the children in other situations as well (winter holidays). Therefore, we loaded a van offered as transport by DPS Ilfov, with various sweets, flour, rice, pasta, cereals, cold cuts, bakery products, detergents, beverages, hygiene products from soap and shampoo to pasta and toothbrushes and obviously a few toys.

Not sure if we should wish you to ever live the feelings that we have when entering the gate of a placement center. In few words we can tell just how children run towards us gripped by an enormous desire and anticipation to see what we have brought to them. Their faces show what you can hardly express in words – only smiles full of hope, but sad.

During the unloading of the products the children would look into the van like it was Santa’s sack. Therefore, much of the sweets, juices and toys were offered immediately. In hours that followed we discussed with the children about their situation. We met many brothers inside Peris center, who are very happy because they have even at least a piece of their biological family with them.

Their stories are numerous: some are sick, some go to extra-school courses, playing the guitar or the village’s church choir, but they all spend their holidays in the lake near the center playing with the dogs around the property.

The people from Kaufland surprised us during our visit to Peris with a new shipment of products brought by Daniel and we decided to go to Tancabesti where we found a center with 40 children with high locomotional and mental problems. Here the biggest joy of the children was represented by the box of hot chocolate. That! Just that!

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