Social Help

We are taking care of some very poor families, which we are helping find a way out for a decent life.

Among them we have a mother with 10 children who live in horrible conditions in a comfort 3 studio (all 11!!). The mother is a cleaning woman but the income does not suffice for the 10 children, especially for school preparations or clothes.

An old grandmother who is taking care of her granddaughter, abandoned by her parents, lives in awful conditions. Even so, the child found the way in life and is ambitiously following it, being a top class pupil. We cannot close our eyes and turn our back from this child who deserves a better life.

We have many cases of single mothers, which we help with rent or utilities.

We are supporting a little girl with a very rare heart condition, a baby who was given no chance in Romania, but in Italy the doctors found a solution and the little girl is still alive, although she is in the hospital and the mother is forced to stay with her. The mother had to quit her job and Let’s Help is supporting them with the 700 Eur monthly expenses.


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