A chance for children to attend school


School is starting!

Those of us who have children know what this means. For those of you who don’t, we will tell them. The short version is: sneakers, shoes, sportswear, backpack, pencil box, coloring pen, watercolors, notebooks, books, pen..

It’s hard for all of us. Try to imagine how it is for the poor families living in villages and for the children in orphanages around Bucharest.

How important school is for children…we all know.

Based on my experience as a mommy, I can tell you school is hard!

I thought about helping those children who do not have any possibility in buying notebooks, school stuff, backpacks, children from villages such as Calarasi, Prahova and other poor villages around Bucharest.

Let’s Help! Let’s help children go to school!

Help them with school supplies!

You can donate the supplies directly to us or if you do not have time for shopping, we can buy them and we will send you pictures with all we buy! Complete transparency!

You can contact us at:

Andra: 0724026496

Cristi: 0732307003

Mail: contact@haisaajutam.ro


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