“School of Skills” Workshop

Our association, “Let’s Help”, is trying year by year to support as many people in need as possible, and especially children, hoping to change something in the world.

As utopic as it might sound, we really can change the world, the world around us. We can make it prettier and better for us and most of all for our children.

An extraordinary idea is born out of the will to do something, anything, to change tsomething to better, to help our fellow men, to make the world prettier.

Our colleague had this extraordinary idea that will change the destiny of many kids, adolescents, future adults. The idea came to life within a project called “School of Skills”

A first stage of this campaign was a selection made by a psychologist, in various centers, among teenagers that want to find a path in life.

Therefore, this month we organized a workshop where 20 selected teenagers participated actively and excited to different games and contests, watched some videos and solved some psychological tests, in the purpose of helping them evaluate and reposition, choosing the fields that interest them most.

Among the fields they chose we had food industry, furnishing, beauty, design and media…

The teenager’s reaction was both astonishing and nice in the same time, each had the occasion to discover interesting things about themselves, to know each other better, to know their limits and to understand what they would like to do as a job.

The workshop will be followed by visits to different companies that activate in the fields chosen by them, for a better understanding of each job. This stage will be the second stage of “School of Skills” project.

Therefore, these teenagers were given a perspective for a new life, a better one, a chance to change their little Universe, and why not, indirectly ours, all of us.

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