Santa Claus at St. Nicholas center 2011

It gets harder and harder to talk aabout wishes. Especially around holidays, especially when you reached that point when, with time, the simplicity and the normality fades away. In St. Nicholas center there is Santa Claus. And even though they have not been entirely nice, he always remembers and sens someone to gather the letters faster. And so on, the simplicity and normality mentioned above are to be found in some simple short rows. Nothing more:  not the lists, not the objects, just the thought that somewhere out there, someone is there for you to help bring up on your face the smile you need.

Because Santa Claus exists, and because the destinations are toomany, you have here some of the letters from St. Nicholas, sent with a joy hard to describe. It is easy to see that from their side, it is enough to believe. Across the doors of the placement center it is enough to know you can do something.


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