“Listen to your heart” theatre play

The children from the placement centers Mia’s Children and The Door, together with 4 actors: Oleg, Razvan, Laura and Alexandra. The play is written by Laura. On the 17th and 18th of December, 7 pm, at the Student’s Club House (Plevnei 61).

We want to sow you live without stress, deadlines, to remember together how it is to feel, to love, to be innocent!

A play about love, energy, children, happiness, women, men.

Each of us has on his shoulders an angel and a devil that talk to us and give us advice in various situations!

The kids exceeded the limits society imposed to them! They will play for you wonderful roles!

The play was a success! The children have not forgotten their lines and were able to convey the emotions of the characters, they listened to their hearts and stepped on the stage in front of you just the way they are, absolutely amazing!



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