Letters for Santa Claus

This is the fourth year in which we managed to make come true the wishes of children from Bucharest and cities around the country. Last year we focused only on Bucharest, and this year we decided to go for families and centers from the rural part of the country, where the NGO’s are less likely to reach.

The operating system is mostly the same, kids wish for certain presents from Santa, they write a nice little letter to him and Santa (Let’s Help) makes it possible. Let’s Help NGO fulfilled the wishes of 900 poor or orphan kids, for whom a simple chocolate is a luxury. The total budget for this project reached 180000 Ron.

Santa visited 2 poor families in Bucharest, the children from the District’s 4 placement centres and the children from St. Nicholas Center. Then he flew all across Romania, to Pitesti, to Rosiori de Vede, to Concordia Association in Prahova and to Gherghita Village.

On the17th of December we went to St. Nicholas and District 4, where besides the people’s donations we had a huge support on behalf of BCR Life Insurance and Castel Real Estate. On the 20th of December we went to Rosiorii de Vede for 178 children belonging to the placement system. We are very thankful to Social Gym, who stayed with us for Prahova also.

On the 22nd we went to Pitesti, for 186 children in the foster care system and a disability centre. The people in Pitesti were entirely with us! We found there a city extremely welcoming with big hearted people, and we would like to thank you for the trust you gave us.

On the 30th of December we went to Prahova. Gherghita Village is a special place, full of people impossible not to love. We always get lost on the way, it is a true maze to surpass. The kids in Gherghita are from my side the most easy to read, they express their emotions with such passion that they just draw you in their game. Not even 10 minutes passed from sharing the gifts that the yard without cement was full of remote control cars … they played outside until 7 pm, although it was so cold that everyone was shivering.

We headed for “The Kid’s Farm”, House Alexandra, House Cristina and House Eva, which are all part of Concordia Association. At the Farm live 73 kids, up to 16 years. Here we were amazed with all the organisation, discipline, and … glue ☺. House Alexandra and House Cristina are day centres, and inside House Eva we find the youths that are ready to leave the system. I can only say that the team was left speechless, it was the perfect way of closing this project!

Let’s whisper some behind the scenes tips… what does this project imply: after each child writes his letter, we gather them, we sort them, we post them online, we promote them, we get in touch with each elf, we meet with him, we take every gift, we gather all the gifts, we sort out what we have and what we don’t have, we fill in what we don’t have, we divide by locations, we set up a schedule and routes, we divide by days, we sort again, we check, double check, triple check, and check again…and check again.. This means whole days of continuous phone-talk, full days of sorting, dozens of hours spent in Bucharest’s December traffic.

But this is the project that gives you the “happy children” feeling! You meet innocence and honest joy of a child that would have never had the chance to a gift like this unless it wouldn’t have been for you, our amazing donors, elves and volunteers!

For a child, it is enough that a single person, in a single moment, finds herself next to him, so that his life forever changes!

Thank you for joining us and hopefully we will be more than grateful to have you with us in the year that follows also!


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