Letters for Santa – 2015

In 2015 Santa Claus is more generous and more available for travelling, therefore he asked us to divide on areas and counties. So, we spread our antennas all around Bucharest and nearby and we reached Arges, Prahova and Teleorman! Join Santa’s elves and the 600 “Let’s Help” friends who anxiously await for Santa this year!

…and to make it easier for Santa, we have placed the letters in a more “organized” way. ☺  Whateven you need to ask, please contact Andra on 0724.026.496.

P.S. The children in Rosiori hava an elf even closer, Mirela. You can find her at 0761.196.751.


1. Bucuresti
Familia Gheorghe – delivered
Familia Stanescu – delivered
Sector 4 – delivered
Sf. Nicolae – delivered

2. Prahova
Comuna Gherghita – delivered
Asociatia Concordia – Casa Eva – delivered
Asociatia Concordia – Casa Cristina – delivered
Asociatia Concordia – Casa Alexandra – delivered
Asociatia Concordia – Ferma pentru copii – delivered

3. Teleorman – Rosiori de Vede – delivered

4. Arges – Pitesti – delivered

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