Training courses for a job

We all know that after 18 years old the children are “thrown” in the streets, they are leaving the orphanages and they must start a life. Some of them end up in jail (they steal to survive)s, some of them end up beggars or escorts.

We can prevent this! We can help them get a job!

We decided to collect funds for training courses according to each child’s passions.

We are trying to help them also with a place to live for  6 months till they will be able to support themselves. Also we help them with psychological counselling.

We need your support, we need donations, every penny counts! Helps them to have a start up in life!

Let’s join our forces and help them to have a life!

Together we can change the world!

You can contact us:

Laura 0040745793046
Cristi 0040732307003

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