Clothing donations for homeless children – 2013

We are gathering donations for homeless families with children. In the first weekend of April we will go to a homeless shelter that can host families with children. Unfortunately, this centre can only offer them a home for a year. If you want to come, we can all go to homeless shelter, any sort of donation helps them! They need anything! I will be donating books for the children, clothes, footwear, toys. I have just finished doing my spring cleaning.

Whoever is doing their spring cleaning too and wants to donate what they don’t need anymore, we invite you to come with us next weekend. You can bring your donations directly there.

We were thinking it would be a good occasion for us to meet, especially for those who have sent us a request saying they would like to become an “angel” for the children. This visit would be a first contact with this world. If you want to come, I’ll be waiting to hear from you.

Thanks to everyone who came, it is a tough experience, of high emotional intensity. Homeless people have so many needs and the most important of all is rehabilitation.

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