“Brother Rock” – together for education

We are very happy to being included in this project! Thank you to all those having this wonderful idea, and thank you to all those who will join it!

The right to education constitutes one of the fundamental rights of children. For many of the unfavoured children this right is a challenge. For them we have created Brother Rock project, that helping hand they need to continue their studies and to receive a quality education, which can ensure them chances for equality and nice development.

The project consists of 5 charity rock concerts which will happen every Wednesday starting with 16th March until 13th of April. Every concert evening will support a case and all the donations from that evening will be redirected to those.

The bands that have accepted the invitation to join our project are: Aeon Blank, Breathelast, Between Colors Sticks and Stones, Tourette Roulette, The Purple Dandies + TBA.

We’ll be waiting for you at Brother Rock’s concerts to support the unfavoured children’s education together.

For further details please access the official page Brother Rock Fratele Rock

An event organized by Grill Pub and Rock Brother

“Let’s Help” participates within the project with the following 4 social cases:

1. The Chira Family – Marcela (39) and Cristian (37) live in Drumul Taberei Bucharest, together with their children, who are 12 years old and 9 months. Marcela is pregnant in 6 months and the family lives with another family to whom they pay 50-100 lei monthly. They were asked to leave because the property will be put out for selling. Being pregnant, Marcela lost her job, which had not guaranteed her a working proof document, so she cannot benefit from the raising kids indemnisation, only from the 200 Ron alimony for the baby. Cristian lost a trial many years back. Having a record, he is rejected to all the job interviews. He works “for the day” where he is allowed to, and in the summer he works on construction sites.

2. The Stan Family in Berceni, Bucharest – Larisa and her 10 children live in a 3rd comfort studio in Berceni. It is unbelievable how they can manage to all live there in those conditions. The family still keeps the faith, being Christian – Protestants. The father is a rare presence in the children’s lives, and rarely helps. We have done many projects for them, because the needs are multiple, given the number of family members. Larisa works as a cleaning lady for multiple buildings.

3.  Chirila Family from Hunedoara – Narcisa is a mother taking care of 5 children: 2 in school, 2 in kindergarden and 2 toddlers. Narcisa doesn’t have a job. The father barely made it not long ago to get a job as an unqualified worker with digging.

4. Petre family lives in Gherghita. We met them within our School Stuff Caravan project, when the mother contacted us in the attempt of trying to prevent the school closing.

The father is a cardiac, the mother is a stay-at-home mum, and the oldest boy who is 18 had to give up on school to financially support the entire family. The other 6 children barely manage to continue studying.

We want to help them so the other children don’t give up on their studies and to help the become independent in procuring the daily food.

Her house is small but their yard could help them earn their independence at least regarding food, if it would have what it takes. We wish to help them build a fence and a well so they can have water to grow in the garden whatever they need to manage to household themselves regarding food.



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