A smile for the sick children

All of us wish for a better world, a world without disease, a world with lots of smiles and without stress.

What control do we have? Do we have the power to stop a disease? Maybe not… but we have the power to make it easier.

Let’s think about children. Children get sick often when they are little, they immunity system is still building. If you ever go to a clinic, a pediatrics hospital you will find many children crying, sad, shaking with fear. But if you will go to Marie Curie hospital you will see peaceful children playing at small tables, coloring, smiling. The games help children to forget the fear and the pain.

We have seen this image and we want to build such places throughout Romania! We can put a smile on their faces! Do you know what is the power of a smile? Just think you are having a bad day… and somebody smiles at you.. you smile back…what’s happening at that moment? You know the answer…

But for a child? A smile is million times more important! The child forgets the pain, the fear and just find shelter in his world when he is playing.

We have put a target out of building such a sick children dedicated space inside of 30 clinics in Bucharest and all over Romania.

A single  space consists of:

One table = 100 lei

2 chairs = 50 lei

A geometrical shapes house = 35 lei

A motricity game = 60 lei

Coloring pencils = 10 lei

Coloring sheets = 10 lei

We need your help! Donate 100 lei and you buy a table for children! Donate 25 lei and you buy a chair!

Every penny counts! Donate 2% of your income tax and we can build much many more spaces like this one!

We have started by building 4 such places (one in Drumea Radulescu clinic, one in Qmed clinic, one in Sante Clinic and one in Ploiesti) and we want to build many more.

Let’s show that we care! Together we can make it! We can make a difference!

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