“A Christmas Story” theatre play

Christmas is coming! Who wants to live a Christmas Story? We invite you to enter Santa’s castle where the elves await you to live together the adventure within the Production Chamber and the Letter Reading Chamber. Come step with us in the fairy land of childhood! Let’s be children again with the kids from “Mia’s Children” and “The Door” placement centers and the actors: Mihai Hurduc, Georgiana Vratiu, Laura Dolis, Ayana Ionescu. The children are stepping in front of you with a lot of bravery, to show you how their world looks like.

On the 11t of December 19.30 and 13th of December 18:00, in Studio Room of the National University of Music (Conservatory).

The play is written by Laura Dolis. We even have a surprise for you, after the play follows the story “The needle and the Sledge –Hammer”  (actors: Alex Bugnariu and Silviu Alex).

Entering price: 35 lei – a gift for yourself and for the kids!

The children really want to have a full house! With all the money gathered we will take them in a hiking trip to discover the world.

The feedback was extraordinary, the people were delighted by the children and their performance. They stepped on the stage in front of the fhashing lights and showed you who they really are: wonderful, talented children, full of love and extremely happy because of the people that came to see them.

Thank you for coming! We hope to see you again next year!

o poveste de craciun

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