1ST of June at St. Nicholas and Pinocchio together with our sponsor B.A.T.


During the 31st of May and 1st of June, HAS volunteers together with our sponsor B.A.T. visited centers St. Nicholas and Pinocchio in district 1. We are thankful for all of you involved! ☺

At St. Nicholas books were donated to help build a library. Also, every child received a bag of sweets and fruits.

Together with administrator Marina, we discovered the lately achievements of the children, visited the center and the gym and also heard about their wish of having a pottering room because children really love this activity. We are very happy that they are interested in art and they want to consume their energy in this direction.

Let’s Help Association promised these little guys that they will develop a fundraising campaign  to decorate this pottery room and also continue decorating the library.

At Pinocchio, every child wrote a letter with what they would want for child’s day, in the hope they will not be forgotten and that their wishes will be granted. With Cristina Codreanu’s help, HR with BAT, to whom we are very grateful for what she has done mobilizing the employees to make this charity gesture for the 1st of June, their letters ended up on good hands. Therefore, on Child’s Day, Let’s Help volunteers together with Cristina and some other colleagues went to visit Pinocchio and every child received the much longed for gifts.

Sweets, hygenical products, school supplies, shoes, fruits, clothes and a lot of sports articles were donated.

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