Every child in entitled to life, education, health and to have his rights respected. We invest in children, in their future, we try to offer them a better life (clothes, food, books, medicine, psychological counseling, affection, guidance). With your help, we can save the children, we can offer them a better life and a better future.


Donate 2%

At the beginning of every year, until the 25th of May you can redirect 2% from your income tax for “Let’s help” NGO, with no additional cost. Complete the form 230 (see attachment)

After completing the declaration send it to us; the address is: Str. Lac de Nuferi nr.18, sc.B ap.18, Chitila, Ilfov. For any details call us: 0732307003 Cristian

Donate 20%

At the end of every year, you can donate 20% from your income tax, with no additional cost.  This donation will cost you nothing, since the income tax money is directed to the government anyway.

How you redirect 20%?

The company calculates how much 20% from income tax means, then we can build a donation contract for this exact amount.

Donate direct debit

The account for donations is:

For Ron Currency ING: RO88 INGB 0000 9999 0383 8102 

For Euro Currency ING: RO88 INGB 0000 9999 0383 8102 SWIFT code INGBROBU

Donate for a cause

Donate to help a child, for food, for education, for one specific project. You can choose the project you want to get involved in.

Our projects are:

  1. “Choose your way in life”.  Training courses for a job made for orphan children.
  2. Theatre play where the actors are orphan children from the orphanage. With the money resulted from the selling of the tickets we organise a mountain camp for the little actors.
  3. “Santa Claus’s letters”. Every year children are writing a letter for Santa Claus with their Christmas wishes  and we and our donors are the elves who make it come true
  4. “Be an angel”. Help a child for a long period of time, with food, clothes, advices, affection.
  5. Social cases. We support social cases, poor children whose parents can’t offer them access to education, food, clothes, etc.
  6. We support Lupus patients.
  7. We cook and dance with old people from the elderly centres.

Donate a fix amount

50 ron means food for a week for a poor family

100 ron means food for 2 weeks for a poor family

500 ron is a professional training for a job for an orphan child