Who we are

Our Mission & Values & Vision

Our mission:  “Let’s Help” saves lives, fights for every poor and abandoned child’s chance for a better life.

Our vision:  A world where no child will die of thirst, hunger or cold. We want to protect and offer all the love in the world, we want to change the way people look at orphan children, we want to give them a chance for life.

Our values: 


We take action in child’s best interest, we do not compromise our reputation, our staff is trained to action with sincerity and professionalism.


All our actions and donations are visible. For every project that we develop we publish pictures, movies, we made promote higher visibility on Facebook and official Website.


We are trying to come up with new and original ideas, we are opened to any ideas that can help little children.

High ambitions 

We set our ambitions high, we challenge ourselves all the time for accomplishing projects with high impact on children’s lives.


In every project that we develop and sustain, we truly involve ourselves, we offer all our love, care, compassion, protection, feelings that abandoned children really need.

Our Team

Our team is young, motivated, with experience in working with children; We believe that real happiness is in a child smile.

Our volunteer’s group  is managed by  4 project managers.

  • Marketing & Communication Coordinator Laura Dolis – 0745793046
  • Advocacy and Fundraising Coordinator Cristian Istratescu – 0732307003
  • Resource Development Manager – Andra Pirvan 0724026496
  • Finance and Administration Coordinator Cristian Istratescu – 0732307003


“Theatre play with orphan children organized every year for Christimas”  , “A smile for sick children“ ,  “Be an angel” – project manager Laura Dolis

“Rock Brother-together for education” ,  “Re-Becoming  Colectiv” , “We support the top-class students” – project manager Cristi Istratescu

“You can be Santa Claus”, “Choose your way in life”, “School supplies’ caravan”  –project manager Andra Pirvan

“Prom evening – in a home for elderly “– project manager Adina Venuti

Social projects (30 social cases) – project manager Cristian Istratescu & Andra Pirvan

Our Donors

The donors are the most important part in a NGO’s activity. An idea remains at the stage of an idea if we don’t have the necessary funds to make it happen. We would like to thank them for the support and involvement towards us and our cause.