What we do



spital craiova

Funds for the hospital in Craiova

They purchased 2 fetal monitoring devices, who are already helping the patients.

un zambet pentru copii bolnavi

A smile for sick children     

Our project consists in making 60 playrooms for sick children in clinics and hospitals from all over Romania. Such a place dedicated to sick children includes chairs, tables, games, coloring books.

In Botosani Hospital we also created besides playroom, a cafeteria, and improved  the image of hospital wards.


caravana rechizitelor

“All kids need is a little help, a little hope, and someone who believes in them” Magic Johnson

The situation in Romania at the moment is as follows: 1 in 5 highschool students don’t go to highschool and 1 in 3 children don’t go to school at all. Regarding rural situation, 40% of the totaling children registered have abandoned school. In UE, Romania occupies the third place when it comes to abandoning school.

Why? Among reasons there is: poverty, parent’s lack of education, society’s point of view regarding children with disabilities enrolling in normal schools. Globally, 58 million children are not going to school.

“LET’S HELP “  Association helped 3000 rural children to go to school

Social Help

ajutor social

We offered social helped for more than 4000 Romanian orphan children.

We are also helping our social cases with food, clothes, books and items needed for school.

Personal development with children from the orphanages


Each year, at Christmas, we are making a theatre play and the actors are the children from the orphanages. With the money obtained from the ticket selling we take them on a trip to show them the world outside the center.
We also have projects with psychologists , they are working with children and advise them to choose the right path for the future.

Christmas and Easter

cadouri craciunEvery year on Christmas and Easter we help the children form the orphanages and the poor children, we give them presents and food, we make them feel loved. We helped over 700 children every year.