Our History

povestea laurei

Our story starts in 2010, when Laura found out that she has LUPUS (an autoimmune disease) and she can’t have children.  “Lupus came with a reason. Maybe I am not on the right path in my life” (she thought)

She turned her attention to orphan children, adoption. On her road, she met Cristi, a wonderful person who was trying to offer support and affection for orphan children.

Together they had a vision: to fight for the rights, education and protection of the orphan children.

2010 -2016

  1. Education: 
  1. we helped 3000 children ( orphans and from rural areas)  to go to school  by giving them everything they need.
  2. 80  orphan children made professional course to be able to integrate into society
  1. Social cases : over 30 social cases from all over Romania
  2. Social help for orphanages: over 3500 children from Bucharest and rural areas.

laura dolis

Laura’s story, that she wrote and made a short movie called “Between steps”, is the story that started the “Let’s help” NGO (her story is about 2 important things in her life: Lupus and adoption)

Life is not always an easy mountain trail, sometimes is full of rocks and avalanches. This is how my life has been in the last years.

Who is Laura? Laura is a human, just like you, who learns how to live. Why now? After 30 years of agitated life, between 3 jobs and a husband, she got sick of LUPUS. Then everything stopped.

The question is what do you do now? Do you panic? Do you run? Or do you face it? You discover a new you, new resources, a new world. You make a change in your life!

Laura discovered the joy of helping unconditionally, she started to help orphan children, she adopted a little girl, and together with her good friend Cristi, she founded “Let’s help”.

She rediscovered herself and she started a new journey. I hope that Laura’s story and her movie “Between steps” will inspire people and will bring back hope to them.